Affirming my New Year’s resolution

Now that April has arrived and Spring is apparent, I am sitting at my table thinking about what I can do mentally, spiritually and physically to stay in a positive attitude.  My New Year resolution came to mind.  Wrapped in the idea of “more”, it goes like this:

2017, the year of more, the year of YES!  Drink more water, eat more green food, move more (more run/walks with the dog), be more open to possibility, expand my faith.

Statements (now April) I am adding to my list of “more”:   More water, more fish oil, more pause before eating sugar, more patience and kindness to my body, more run/walks with my four-legged, more trust in my body’s ability to repair, more mindfulness, more peace, more doing (trusting) what I already know.

I tend to over think things; life in general.  I get caught up in the fret and worry.  I start to hear options and possibilities like a noisy crowd.  My task then is to quiet the committee in my head and listen to the wise solution that is waiting to be heard.  When I circle back to the basics and simplicity of problem solving, I can exhale and find the more (there is that word) peace-filled solution.  What are the facts separate from my fears and opinions.

I offer you today the reminder to slow down your thoughts, exhale, and listen for the wisdom you have within.  Perhaps your days are bright with optimism, and you are at a point of what’s next?  Perhaps your days have been filled with fear, what-if’s and what-about’s….. Exhale, as I am this morning, and listen for your inner wisdom.  This IS a new year, a new day, a new hour to take a few more steps of faith into a brighter, more abundant, more exciting future.   A year of more, a year of YES!

blessings and Light,  Dawn


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