Walloped by life and then some…

Much, MUCH, much, has happened in the seven, yes 7, years since I set up this blog.  Intending to post weekly, if not daily, life happened instead.    Now I am back at it with the intention to move forward as planned, but with a very different perspective on life and what will be shared.  A broader reach >> from the heart >> and hopefully helpful and encouraging.  We need encouragement these days.  We need something to help us look up, find hope and even laugh.  We need inspiration to know, deep within, today is a brand new day.  A new day filled with possibility and choice.  We can make better choices than we did yesterday.  I am >> trying to that is.  Slowing my thoughts and catching my words before I have to back-track and redirect what I said into what I meant to say; or perhaps better left unsaid.  My life, these past few years, has been much like a blender, full of food, ready to let it rip, puree the blend and drink up all that rich nutrition.   However, one important step…. put the lid on before you hit the HIGH speed button.  The lid was not on my life’s blender so I ended up with life-parts strewn everywhere except in my glass-half -full attitude.  The glass shattered too.  I have been rebuilding my life, my faith, my spirituality, where was God?, who are my friends now?, what is family now?…. the list could go on.  Instead, I waited to see what pieces of my life landed where, which ones I wanted to recover, even repair, and which ones weren’t mine to begin with.  In the middle now, I am on the road to restoration.

2017, I declared, would be a better year focused on positivity, the rediscovery and the redefinition of faith, hope, family, friends, and love.  Asking the simplistic questions:  who am I?,  whom do I want to be?, what do I keep?, what do I leave behind?……  I started at the foundation of who is the I AM that makes me, me.  One day, while sorting a box of stuff, I found a picture of myself at age four, almost five.  In that picture I saw the fire within that was the me I lost so very long ago.  That life force is still there in her eyes, her smile, her stance.  I want her back!   If life is a circle, I’ve circled around to grab her hand and embrace her.  She doesn’t know me and I don’t know her, but we know we are connected.  Our soul beats with the same heart.  I’m learning how to listen to that quiet voice inside that knows what is best for us; me the child within and me the adult within.  We both want to be seen, heard and loved for exactly who we are >> God the Creator’s precious creation, one of kind, a masterpiece.

May you remember that you too are precious within.

with gratitude, Dawn



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