Hello World!

WELCOME! to a new blog about aging.  I know, not everyone’s favorite topic, but it was said once that we truly begin aging the day we are born. 

I am now 50 years old and consider this Wednesday.  I still have half the week of my life yet and the best part.  Thursday, Friday and the Week-end!   In this metaphor my week starts on Monday.  I’m sure another metaphor will come along and I will find it necessary to modify, but today, it works with Monday as a start day. 

Why am I here anyway you ask?  Well, I’ve been on the Parent-Caregiver side of life while raising my cherished son.  I have been in the middle > I am a self-declared member of the Sandwich Generation > the Bread to be exact.  In my journey, I’m the one that held things together while my Mother aged and eventually went to heaven where she is dancing the Fox Trot wearing VERY RED shoes!

Join me on a journey of humor, sorrow, truth, questions, answers, food for thought and more; so much more.

Thank you for being a part of MY journey!

Blessed be…..   Dawn


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